Lexington, KY //

One of the most exciting parts in this line of work is of course the people that I get to meet. I love the art of photography and the medium itself really excites me but it’s the people that I’m looking at through my lens that make this so unique for me.

DaRayll and Delisia were absolutely incredible to be with. DaRayll was making Delisia laugh this entire session and they totally found their groove in front of my camera, despite having some initial nerves (which is okay!). These two are so into each other and I absolutely loved getting to witness their love in the various places we went to in Lexington.

We started out at Yesterday’s Karaoke, which is where they first met. They reminisced on that night and it was beautiful to watch them to the story. We then went over to Gratz Park and the evening offered us such beautiful light for them to walk around and enjoy themselves. We ended our evening on top of a car garage there in downtown Lexington. Having their Victory motorcycle up there with them made for some really great photos!

I can’t wait for their wedding next fall!